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Looking for Love or Customers? The Strategy That Works for Both

Imagine for a moment that you're on a blind date.

The first impression, what they say, how they present themselves—it all counts.

Now, imagine you're in a sales meeting.

Again, the first impression is crucial, and you have to "sell" both yourself and your product.

Notice any similarities?

It's no coincidence that dating and selling tactics are so alike.

In fact, the world's most popular dating platform, Tinder, can teach you more about copywriting than you ever imagined.

At the Heart of Both: Persuasion

Whether you're trying to persuade someone to date you or to purchase your product, the core activity is persuasion.

In both cases, you're selling something: a version of yourself on Tinder and a product or service in the sales world.

Practical Examples

  • Profile Picture vs. Product Cover

  • Tinder: Your profile picture is the first thing people see. It should show your best side.

  • Sales: Your product cover or sales page headline should be equally enticing.

  • Common Interests vs. Customer Pain Points

  • Tinder: Listing your interests can help you find a compatible match.

  • Sales: Identifying customer pain points helps you present your product as the solution.

  • Creative Bio vs. Unique Value Proposition

  • Tinder: A creative bio makes you stand out from the crowd.

  • Sales: A unique value proposition makes your product stand out in a saturated market.

Whether it's on Tinder or a sales page, the ultimate goal is to create a connection.

You're trying to move someone from indifference to a point where they feel sufficiently excited or convinced to take the next step: either swiping right or making a purchase.

So why is your Tinder profile your best sales pitch?

Because both require a deep understanding of human nature, psychology, and the art of persuasion.

In this journey, we're going to unravel how copywriting techniques can not only elevate your online dating game but also how you can effectively sell anything—from products to ideas.

So, are you ready to swipe right on the path to success?

First Impressions: The Importance of the New and Exciting

Why Do First Impressions Matter So Much?

When you swipe on a dating app like Tinder, you're actually making decisions driven by your primitive brain.

This brain is wired to seek novelty and excitement.

When you find something that fits these criteria, a region of your brain known as the ventral tegmental area activates and releases dopamine, the "reward" chemical.

This is the same chemical released when you eat something delicious, achieve a goal, or fall in love.

In the world of online dating, where the competition is fierce and user attention is scarce, it's crucial for your "landing page" (in this case, your Tinder profile) to be exciting enough to stop someone in their tracks.

Practical Examples

  • Profile with Common Hobbies

  • Typical Profile: "I love to travel, hike, and read books."

  • New and Exciting Profile: "Looking for a partner in crime to climb mountains, discover lost cities, or solve literary mysteries? You've found your match!"

  • Food Lover's Profile

  • Typical Profile: "I love Italian food and wine."

  • New and Exciting Profile: "I'm an aspiring sommelier with an obsession for recreating 'nonna's' recipes. If you can say 'amore' while eating pasta, we're meant to be."

  • Filmmaker Profile

  • Typical Profile: "I love cinema and want to be a director."

  • New and Exciting Profile: "When I'm not in the editing room, you can find me seeking the perfect shot for my next short film. Would you like to be my muse?"

  • Academic Profile

  • Typical Profile: "I'm pursuing a Ph.D. in art history."

  • New and Exciting Profile: "Unraveling the secrets of the great masters by day, creating my own masterpiece by night. Will you join me in my quest for eternal beauty?"

Tips for Making it Memorable

  • Originality: Add an unexpected twist to something familiar.

  • Details: Don't limit yourself to generalities; add details that make you unique.

  • Curiosity: Leave something to the imagination so the person wants to learn more.

First impressions are crucial, especially in an environment where decisions are made in fractions of a second. Novelty and excitement aren't just "nice to have"; they are necessary to capture attention, generate interest, and ultimately, score that coveted "match."

Breaking Stereotypes: Your Profile as a Pattern Interruption

What is a Pattern Interruption?

In the world of consumer psychology, a "pattern interruption" is a technique designed to alter someone's usual thinking, behavior, or situation.

This term is not only applicable in marketing or sales but also in scenarios like online dating, where the first impression is often the only one you get.

Why is it Important?

When browsing through Tinder (or any other dating platform), we often enter a kind of hypnotic trance, swiping almost automatically left or right based on quick visual and textual assessments.

A profile that acts as a "pattern interruption" breaks that trance and captures our attention, forcing us to stop and consider the person behind the profile in a more meaningful way.

Concrete Examples

Here are some examples that could work as a pattern interruption in different contexts:

  • Tinder for Animal Lovers

  • Typical Profile: "I love dogs and outdoor walks."

  • Pattern Interruption: "I taught my dog to bow when he hears Beethoven. Impressed?"

  • LinkedIn for IT Professionals

  • Typical Profile: "Expert in Java, C++, and software development."

  • Pattern Interruption: "I can speak Java and C++, but I also know a bit of Dothraki and Klingon. Shall we talk?"

  • Dating Site for Travelers

  • Typical Profile: "I love to travel and have been to 10 different countries."

  • Pattern Interruption: "I solo-traveled to Antarctica and survived a snowstorm in a tent. Seeking someone who can handle the cold... and my love for extreme adventures."

  • App for Entrepreneurs

  • Typical Profile: "CEO of my own startup."

  • Pattern Interruption: "I turned my love for comics into a million-dollar business. Looking for a partner who understands the real value behind the world of fantasy."

Tips for Creating Your Own Pattern Interruption

  • Be Authentic: Don't make things up just to appear interesting.

  • Grab Their Attention: Use humor, mystery, or something that makes you unique.

  • Spark Curiosity: Make people want to know more about you.

Breaking the stereotype and turning your profile into a "pattern interruption" can be a powerful strategy for capturing someone's attention in a sea of similar profiles.

The Humble Brag: How to Showcase Your Achievements Without Sounding Arrogant

In the world of dating, as well as in business, first impressions are crucial.

But how do you highlight your achievements without coming across as presumptuous or self-centered?

The key lies in balance: how to present your strengths in a way that makes people want to know more about you, without feeling like you're imposing a laundry list of your achievements.

The Importance of Authenticity

Before diving into concrete examples, it's crucial to understand that authenticity is key. People usually notice when someone is exaggerating or being insincere.

Therefore, be honest about your achievements and skills, but also about your flaws and areas for improvement.

Example in the Dating World

Suppose you're passionate about sports and have won several marathons.

Instead of simply saying, "I've won five marathons," you could add a human dimension to your achievements.

For instance, "I love running marathons. Though I've been fortunate to win some, each race is a new challenge and an opportunity to learn something new about myself and my limits."

Here, you're showcasing your achievements (winning marathons) while also showing humility and a growth mindset ("each race is a new challenge").

Example in the Business World

Imagine you're the CEO of a successful startup. Instead of saying, "I'm the CEO of a $20 million-valued company," you could say, "I've had the chance to lead an incredible team on an entrepreneurial journey. Although we've reached an impressive valuation, every day is a new lesson in leadership and adaptability."

Here, you're not only showing off your success (being CEO, company valuation) but also giving credit to your team and acknowledging that there's always something new to learn.

Showcasing your achievements without appearing arrogant is a delicate but essential art in any social or professional interaction.

The key is to be authentic and balanced: yes, you've achieved impressive things, but you're also a human being in constant learning and development.

This approach not only makes you more attractive to others but also allows you to connect in a more meaningful way.

Call to Action: What Do You Do After Getting the Match?

Getting a match on Tinder (or capturing the attention of a potential client in the world of sales) is just the first step in establishing a meaningful connection.

It's like you've caught someone's attention at a bar; now you need to keep the conversation interesting.

This is where the call to action (CTA) comes into play.

Why is a Good Call to Action So Important?

A strong and effective CTA is like a traffic sign at an intersection: it clearly indicates what path to take next. If your CTA is weak or ambiguous, the person is likely to lose interest quickly.

Example in the Dating World

Suppose you've secured a match on Tinder. A simple "Hi, how are you?" may not be enough to hold the other person's interest. Instead, you could use a CTA like:

"I see you love Japanese food, have you tried the new sushi restaurant downtown? It's amazing! How about we go together this weekend?"

This CTA is not only specific but also evokes positive emotions, shows interest in the other person, and suggests a concrete action.

Example in the Sales World

Imagine you're selling an online course about digital marketing. Instead of a vague "Click here to learn more," you could use a more persuasive CTA like:

"Want to double your sales in the next 30 days? Join our course now and gain immediate access to proven strategies. Only 5 spots left!"

This CTA creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity, and offers a clear benefit to the customer.

A good call to action is not just a phrase at the end of your conversation or your sales page; it's an integral part of the flow of interaction.

It needs to be clear, specific, and most importantly, align the next action with the other person's interests.

Whether in the world of dating or in the realm of sales, an effective CTA can be the difference between a forgettable match and a meaningful connection.

The Psychology Behind the Choice: Why Does This Work?

Consumer psychology is not a game of chance; it's a science heavily reliant on how our brain is wired to make decisions.

Our basic psychology dictates how we interact with people and how we choose the products or services we buy.

Let's explore some of the most potent psychological "switches" that influence our choices in both love and sales.

Psychological Principles: The Pillars of Human Behavior

  • Reciprocity: We feel obliged to return favors or acts of kindness.

  • Tinder: If someone gives you a "Super Like," you're more likely to scrutinize their profile.

  • Sales: Offering a free sample or valuable educational content can make customers more inclined to buy from you in the future.

  • Scarcity: We desire more of what is less available.

  • Tinder: A profile mentioning they are "just visiting for a few days" may generate more interest.

  • Sales: Time-limited offers or products with limited stock often see a spike in sales.

  • Authority: We tend to follow the advice of experts or authoritative figures.

  • Tinder: A profile highlighting notable achievements or skills may garner more right-swipes.

  • Sales: Displaying expert testimonials or certifications can boost your product's credibility.

  • Consistency: We like to act in line with our previous commitments and decisions.

  • Tinder: If you've shown interest in certain hobbies or qualities before, you're more likely to like similar profiles.

  • Sales: If a customer has committed to a trial or a smaller purchase, they are more likely to make a larger purchase later.

  • Social Proof: We are more comfortable doing things we see others doing.

  • Tinder: If many mutual friends have liked a profile, you might be more inclined to do the same.

  • Sales: Reviews and ratings from other customers can powerfully influence our purchase decisions.

Understanding these basic psychological principles can offer you great power in the spheres of dating and sales.

You're not just randomly choosing or selling; you're consciously or unconsciously activating certain "switches" in the brain that dictate human behavior.

By being aware of them, you can become a more effective strategist, whether in the game of love or the art of selling.

Your Story, Your Brand

It's fascinating how a well-told story can turn an ordinary product or service into something extraordinary.

But beyond the product is the person or team behind it.

The same goes for your profile on a dating app. You're not just a set of pictures and a small text space; you're an ongoing story, and that story is your brand.

The Brand as a Narrative

  • In the Business World: Imagine you're the owner of a small coffee shop. There are hundreds like yours, but what makes you unique is your focus on sustainability and the local community. This story not only appears in your packaging and marketing but is also lived every day in your shop, from compostable cups to the community events you organize.

  • In the Dating World: Let's say you're an animal lover and an active volunteer in shelters. Your Tinder profile could include pictures of you with animals and a description that talks about your passion for animal welfare. This makes you more than just another profile; it makes you a story someone would want to be a part of.

The Strength of a Good Story

A good story has the power to connect you with people on an emotional level, and that connection is often what leads to meaningful action.

  • In Sales: When people buy your coffee, they're not just buying a beverage; they're buying a small piece of a story they value.

  • In Dating: When someone swipes right on your profile, it's not just because they liked your pictures; it's because they liked your story and want to be a part of it in some way.

Shared: The Seal of a Successful Story

Finally, a good story, a good brand, is something people want to share with others.

  • In Business: If your coffee truly impacts the community, people will talk about it; your story will be shared.

  • In Dating: If your profile resonates with someone, it's likely they'll mention it to their friends or even share it on their social media.


Your story is more than just a narrative; it's the essence of who you are and what you stand for, and it's the vehicle that allows you to connect meaningfully with others.

So, what's your story?

Is it incorporated in your brand, whether personal or professional?

And most importantly, is it a story others would want to share?

I hope this blog has provided you with a new perspective on how you can use copywriting techniques to enhance not just your Tinder profile but also your overall marketing strategy.

Have any comments or questions?

Feel free to leave them below!

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